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Cabaret Candyass [Nov. 21st, 2011|08:39 pm]
alt.lifestyles, culture and sex...

Le Cabaret Candyass de vendredi qui à eu lieu au Café Cléopâtre était amusant à voir ainsi qu'à photographier tout comme les deux éditions précédentes.

Friday's Candyass Cabaret which took place at Café Cléopâtre was fun to watch and photograph as were the previous two editions.

Photo...Collapse )
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Photos, three sets thereof. [Jul. 22nd, 2010|09:10 pm]
alt.lifestyles, culture and sex...

I've been keeping pretty busy over the last few months. Here's a little bit of what I've been up to.

Every now and again a regular client shoot will turn up not so regular images and bonus, the client is willing to let me post them. Here is Lilou:

Photo...Collapse )

Here I give you Freaky Nat, Hubert Vary and The Richard in a bit of an impromptu photo shoot in Old Montreal, All of them pros, this crew is just too much fun to work with.

Photo...Collapse )

There was this young lady submissive named Perle who was intrigued by the idea of being mummified for a photo shoot. So I mummified her for a photo shoot.

Photo...Collapse )

There it is for now. Enjoy and comment as you will.
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Drags N ' Dolls Shows 2 nites [Apr. 7th, 2010|12:28 pm]
alt.lifestyles, culture and sex...
Montreal, Qc,


35th anniversary show Cabaret Cléopâtre Grand Spectacle . 35 years of travesty.

The Dead Doll Dancers have slithered out of the crumbling infrastructure of the city to present their Springtime Spectacular 2 Sizzling Nights of the sexy sirens of the undead in a tribute to Cafe Cleo contribution to Montreal's entertainment in the fabled Red Light district.

The Dead Dolls will drag culture kicking and screaming to new lows.


Nat King Pole - Drag King
Tommy Toxic
Fetish performance from Club Sin
Jessica the bagpiper
Dakini Dancers - Baladi troupe
Amy Whinewhore, is always happy to grace Cafe Cleopatra with her presence and hopes that she doesn't crack you up to much, cause that could be expensive!!

Nat King Pole will seduce the ladies with his smooth singing and charm

Myriam Deschenes is a dragqueen happily divorced (she killed her husband)

The Cutie in the Kilt aka Jessica Currie is Montreal's 5ft tall wonder with the bagpipes.

Cabaret Cleo's Reena is MC of the event

Special guests from cafe cleo's past!

Contest! Prizes! (good ones we promise) and more!

DJ- Rush n' Noize

Talent ! Burlesque!Old skool Dragqueens! Nu skool Drags!
Beer! Booty! Shimmies and Shakes! Tassels! Dancing girls! Dancing Queens!
Boobies! Glitter!

FRIDAY & SATURDAY APRIL 23rd & 24th @ Cabaret Cléopâtre, 1230 St-Laurent (2nd floor) . doors open 8pm / show 9pm . admission: $12 (door) / $10 (tickets)

Presale tickets are available at JOY TOYZ
4200 boul. St. Laurent #415, 514-845-8697

for more information about the show contact:



for more info on saving the Lower Main:
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Interview, Future Streamlining DJ Show for UK Radio Station soon [Oct. 1st, 2009|06:33 am]
alt.lifestyles, culture and sex...


My Interview available via Podcast is up on   www.demonfm.co.uk.   An interview covering everything from Chris Ewen, London/Toronto/Montreal Fetish Weekends, my thoughts on Goth/Industrial Lifestyles, and more! Also, I'll be having a Streamlining show with them soon, that will be able to be heard here in Boston around 7-8 P.M. at night, from 107.5 FM Demon itself. Hopefully you can tune in, and enjoy the show right from your home or work.   Enjoy the podcast!

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2009 Montreal Erotic Arts Festival - Vernissage [Aug. 13th, 2009|03:13 pm]
alt.lifestyles, culture and sex...

I'm honoured to be one of several Montreal and Quebec artists invited to exhibit. Three of my pieces will be exhibited including the one that was selected for the third volume of Erotic Signature's book "World’s Greatest Erotic Art of Today".

I'll be present for the vernissage tonight, Friday night and Sunday afternoon.

See you there!

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Montreal Fetish Weekend [Aug. 6th, 2009|07:11 pm]
alt.lifestyles, culture and sex...
Contre Courant Fetish Film Festival
Friday sept 4th  8pm

vendredi 4 Septembre 20h
Friday September 4th 8pm

Une célébration en support de la continuité
de l’art et du spectacle alternatif sur la “Main”

A celebration in support of the continuity of alternative
arts and performances on the “Main”

featuring / mettant en vedette

the Dead Dolls Cabaret

Club Sin, Stella et invités / and guests

films by/par Dominic Vincent . Izabel Grondin . Gwen Media
Anthony Teoli . Matthew Saliba & plusieurs autres!


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LABOR DAY WEEKEND is the MONTREAL FETISH WEEKEND [Aug. 4th, 2009|02:26 pm]
alt.lifestyles, culture and sex...

[Current Location |Montreal]


SEPTEMBER 4-5-6 :: Yes, the Montreal Fetish Weekend is right around the corner and to celebrate our 5th anniversary we're welcoming over 50 artists, designers, models, photographers and performers from all around the world.

We've also expanded the weekend schedule to 5 incredible parties in 5 nights with workshops, activities and the incredible Montreal after-parties to top it all off!

With over 150 VIP passes already sold to international attendees you can be certain that this event is the place where you will meet the sexiest fetish people in the world. A great place to make new, long lasting friendships!

Host hotel offers rooms for $129 canadian per night for 4 adults per room!

Q: Do I need to be dressed in latex to enjoy the fun.

A: No. Many of our attendees create their own outfits or shop online for great deals. Be it goth, leather, PVC, uniforms, lingerie or all-in-black, the Fetish Weekend is the place to be to explore YOUR fantasy!

Party passes (3 events = $60) are now available online. Yes, that's 3 parties for only $60 Canadian!

Great DJ line-up with Jack Phoenix, DJ Faith, Xris SMack!


Join our official Facebook group for last minute info & special deals: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=25767625896
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Save Cafe Cleopatra Rally June 6th [Jun. 4th, 2009|09:06 am]
alt.lifestyles, culture and sex...
[Current Location |cafe cleopatra]
[mood |artistic]

Red Alert Coalition:
Following the presentation of a revitalization plan of the Quadrilatère Saint-Laurent we’ve formed an artistic coalition with the objective of promoting our rights and assets in order to conciliate the colorfulness of Montreal’s "Red Light" district with the proposed plan of erecting an administrative office building within an area designated as Quartier des Spectacles de Montréal.

Help us integrate the creative spirit of the last 5 years at Cabaret Cleo’s within a constructive, honest and positive plan to revitalize Montreal’s legendary “Main”.

You can sign the petition

Saturday June 6th at 8pm
“Friends of Cabaret Cleo” rally event
(1230 St-Laurent, 2nd floor).
door open 7:30 pm    free

The event will also feature lectures, entertainment and performances. Be there!  Join us on facebook.
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Welcome [May. 18th, 2009|03:49 am]
alt.lifestyles, culture and sex...

Welcome to [info]ru_calendars

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Fixed gear bike wanted ($100 max) [May. 10th, 2009|01:27 pm]
alt.lifestyles, culture and sex...
My budget is $100 and I need a fixed gear track bike, must be in good, ready to be ridden condition.
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