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Save Cafe Cleopatra Rally June 6th [Jun. 4th, 2009|09:06 am]
alt.lifestyles, culture and sex...
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Red Alert Coalition:
Following the presentation of a revitalization plan of the Quadrilatère Saint-Laurent we’ve formed an artistic coalition with the objective of promoting our rights and assets in order to conciliate the colorfulness of Montreal’s "Red Light" district with the proposed plan of erecting an administrative office building within an area designated as Quartier des Spectacles de Montréal.

Help us integrate the creative spirit of the last 5 years at Cabaret Cleo’s within a constructive, honest and positive plan to revitalize Montreal’s legendary “Main”.

You can sign the petition

Saturday June 6th at 8pm
“Friends of Cabaret Cleo” rally event
(1230 St-Laurent, 2nd floor).
door open 7:30 pm    free

The event will also feature lectures, entertainment and performances. Be there!  Join us on facebook.